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23th Annual Pacific Coast Traditional Challenge PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 20 April 2010 19:44

It's time for our annual Traditional shoot this will be a 2-Day 50 Targets 3-D Tournament.  For a printable flyer click Here.

For directions click Here

The Tournament will begin Saturday, May 3th, 2014 at 7 and continue until 6 pm.  We will begin again on Sunday the 4th at 7 am.


For those of you that want to do camping at the park the rates are as follows:

A vehicle and a normal type pitch tent will be $5.00 camping fee per night (not a large circus tent) any where in the park or on our range. If two tents are set up there will be a fee of $5.00 per tent per night. The tent may remain up the next day until 6:00 pm There will be a daily rate of $4.00 per car for parking in the park if the vehicle stays in the park area after 11:00 am on Saturday or Sunday if they are not planning to spend the night again. This means if a vehicle comes in late Friday afternoon, pitches a tent for Friday night and Saturday night and leaves their car in the park on Sunday they will pay $5.00 + $5.00 + $4.00 = $14.00  The tent may remain up, and they move their car inside our fenced area they will not have to pay the $4.00 parking fee on Sunday.
Any vehicle with a camper shell, or camper, fifth wheel, even pulling a boat to sleep in will be considered an RV. If they are not in a full hookup RV - anywhere else inside the park area or within our range will be considered an RV "without hookup" and the cost will be $10.00 per night and then parking fee only on Sunday. The cost for Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday until 6:00 pm the total cost is $24.00 Again, if they park their vehicle inside our fenced area they will not have to pay the parking fee.
Any RV coming to the park that will occupy one of the 16 provided RV stations (with full hookups) will pay the $37.00(summer rate) to spend the night on Friday and/or Saturday. They were able to make reservations if they contact the County 3 weeks ahead of the time they wish to stay. They may remain in the RV spot until 6:00 pm rather than have to pull out by 11:00 am on Sunday. CVA will provide some sort of window slip that designates the RV as an Archer so that the County can distinguish from new RVs that may stay the night. If for any reason some of the archers choose to spend Sunday night they will be charged the same $37 nightly fee.
Again no parking fee is required if a vehicle is parked within our fenced range. If a car parks anywhere in the park without paying a camping fee - during the day there will be a $4.00 parking fee required. This fee will not apply if they are parked for a short while (less than 30 minutes), to load up a tent or equipment.
No ground camp fires are permitted unless they are in the park designated fire rings. Cooking stoves must not be placed on the ground.
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Weekly 300 round Tournament PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 25 November 2013 10:01

CVA’s Saturday Morning Public Sessions now offers weekly “300 rounds”.  These quick, scored competitions will allow those who are interested to test their archery skills in a friendly environment.

You may be wondering…what is a 300 round and how does it work?

* The 300 round is 30 arrows, shot in 5 ends of 6 arrows, maximum of 10 points per arrow, 4 minute ends.

* The round is shot at CVA’s 18M Line at the JOAD range.

* The round adheres to the standard competition whistle system and format.

* During shooting the 300 round runs on its own whistle system independent of the Public Session range.

* While shooting is underway for the 300 round, the FITA range (30M – 90M) will be closed for safety reasons.  Cones will be put up to indicate FITA range closure.

* If you are interested in participating, please have your name on the sign-in sheet located by the 18M line by 10:45am.

* Shooting starts promptly at 11:00 am.  No makeup ends will be offered for latecomers.

* Scorecards will be provided, and scores will be tracked weekly. Look for your score posted on the JOAD bin bulletin board each Saturday.

* There is no cost to participate – come out and have fun!

If you have questions or comments about the 300 round, please contact Kurt Hoberg.  See you at the range!



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