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JOAD Pin Achievement Program

CVA offers the JOAD Pin Achievement Program to youth archers that are part of CVA’s JOAD program.

JOAD Star Pins are awarded for scoring achievements.  Archers can earn Stars Pins for shooting indoors and/or outdoors with recurve and/or compound bows. 

Each Star Pin is a different color, and each has a successive number of stars on it to represent the increasing challenge in earning that particular award pin.

CVA offers the JOAD Indoor Achievement program; current facilities do not allow for the Outdoor program to be offered at this time. 

Archers can shoot for their next achievement during CVA’s weekly 300 round, held each Saturday during the Public Open Session. The round starts promptly at 11am, so be warmed up and ready to shoot!  Keep in mind, if you compete at a sanctioned 300 round event, save your scorecard!  Show it to a Coach at the Public Sessions…you might have earned your next achievement!

The program is sponsored by USA Archery.  A valid USA Archery membership is required to participate in the JOAD pin program.  USA Archery Membership information can be found hereThere is also a $10 yearly fee to join the CVA JOAD Pin program.

In addition to Star Pins, JOAD archers can earn the official "6-Gold" pin when they shoot six 10's in a row, either in a single 6 arrow end, or in two consecutive 3-arrow ends. Again, if you are shooting sanctioned 300 round event, save your scorecard and show it to one of the Coaches at the Public Session if you shoot six 10's in a row!

JOAD Archers can earn advanced levels of recognition with the Olympian Award Levels - Bronze, Silver and Gold. An archer reaching these levels is honored with special recognition from USA Archery.

Click here for the current JOAD Indoor Achievement Matrix.